Mono/Multi-Layer Co-Extrusion Cast Film Making Machine

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    Key Features

    The demand of the Mono Layer/Multi layer T-Die Cast Film Extrusion Line has became more and more, which widely involved in many applications of packaging field, such as:

    1. Decoration film

    2. Gift wrapping film

    3. Flower wrapping film

    4. Stationery product packaging film

    5. Lining film for dry/wet lamination

    6. Sanitary product packaging film

    7. Flexible packaging film

    8. High barrier food packaging film

    With its outstanding optical and physical properties, either the mono layer or multilayer cast film being widely used in many applications, due to the well developed materials grades and additives, plus the well designed processing equipment with high precision control system as a full package to set the positiveness.

    • The screw with barrier design to ensure high production output as well as the best plasticization.
    • There are several designs of screen changer, such as hydraulic system plate type screen changer with push button operated, or continuous non-stop system screen changer as an option.
    • Feed block as an absolute necessary elements for multi-layer cast film processing equipment.
    • Vacuum chamber is of dual chamber structure effectively prevent air kept in between film and chill roll.
    • For small and medium production capacity, there are two sizes of 450mm and 600mm roller diameter of chill roll unit to satisfy every requirement.
    • Oscillating unit is absolute necessary to distribute the gauge band to different position in order to obtain the perfect smooth film roll.
    • Auto turret winder is an automatic operation theory designed, completed with a tapered tension control system to ensure a constant winding speed with proper tension.
    • Upright and independent panel provided for best arrangement for the operation, speed control from chill roll unit, take off and wind up, which is fully synchronized through AC vector inverter to obtain stable speed under proper tension to eliminate the deviation of cast film processing.

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