Plastic Blown Film Machine, LDPE/LLDPE Heavy Duty Blown Film Line

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    Key Features

    LDPE/LLDPE Heavy Duty Blown Film Line

    High Speed Blowing Film Machine is designed especially for making heavy-duty Construction Film and Agricultural Film. Applications tubular lay-flat width from 2 to 7 meters, and open into 4 meter to 14 meter width. Production output rate from 200 kg to 800 kg per hour.


    - Low base type extruder, heavy duty steel structure.

    - Barrier flight screw design or grooved feed extruder to ensure the best mixing 

       result as well as stable and sufficient extrusion output capacity.

    - Extruding die of single spiral channel gives even and smooth flow pressure.

    - Air ring of dual orifice design ensures ultimate cooling for best bubble quality.

    - Heavy duty steel structure take up tower.

    - Completed with gusseting board for full size gusseting.

    - Collapsing open and close operated by motor.

    - 4 rolls surface friction type winder with air knife operated by rodless air cylinder to

      cut the film as to minimized the manual works.

    - The finished film roll crane provided for handling the finished film roll.

    - Back to back station winder is an option when tubular film to be cut and opened in    sheet and winded in two reels.

    - Screen changer of swing type or plate type operated by hydraulic cylinder is an 

       option at customers choice.

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